Jumat, 19 November 2010

hi.. wellcome to you all

Assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullohi wabbarokatuuh


hi wellcome to our site, book of islam.blogspot.com. This is a site of World of islam. it consists of everything about islam that will make you love and smile. that's right, exactly islam is friendly and it is for everyone, in anywhere and anytime.

islam is full of love, fun, healthy, much knowledge, and a guide for a better life here now and life after. right now, many people have a misunderstanding of islam, so negative thinking is always on their mind and it is all because of some unresponsibility people that doesn't have enough knowledge of islam.

i hope by giving more information and much more about islam in this site, it will make people understand step by step how islam really is. Islam is rahmatan lil alamin. 'I was sent to you to make you have a good manner' said rasulullah saw in the hadits. i hope you can join us too by sharing what you have and building a shillaturrahiim among us so we can be united. and by united the glory of islam will rise again, insya allah.

thank you
wassallamu'alaikum warrahmatullohi wabbarokatuuh.

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